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make a response in your own words after reading post at least 150 wordsThe difference between specific police authority and general police authority is that specific police authority have specific jobs and they can only work with in a box. They can’t rally branch out and do other things in other words they are on a leash. For example I am a CSO community scurvies officer and I am only aloud to work on traffic crashes / hit and runs that’s all. If I see someone fighting or breaking into a house/ business I cannot enter fear or in other words make contact with them I have to call a police officer. General police authority has more room to too do what they want. For example police officers can work crashes, homicides, robbers, and many others.I would you like to be employed by General police authority because I have more options and opportunities to be a part of different groups. Doing the same thing every single day can get boring and I like to stay active for the most part and it makes the day go by faster. You also get to help and reach out to more people and get to try to make a different in this world. To me general police authority gives you a chance to grow mentally, physically and emotionally. It will build you to be the best person you can be.ReferencesJames Conser, Rebecca Paynich, Terry Gingerich. (2013). Law Enforcement in the United States. Burlington MA: Jones and Bartlett Learning.16/05/20206english