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This week, please listen to/read a short poem by Wilfred Owen from 1920 titled Dulce et Decorum Est, found at this link. Press the red arrow to hear it read to you. Compare it to our two readings about trench warfare to answer one of the following questions. ( What is “the old lie” that Wilfred Owen refers to? How does either the Barbusse or Remarque reading support Owen’s position? Cite one of the authors in your reply.2) Compare and contrast how Barbusse and Remarque describe trench warfare/life in the trenches. How are they similar or different? Is there any glory (Owen) in this kind of warfare?3) What were the new technologies of trench warfare? How did the new technologies change how war was waged? Cite from at least one reading, and feel free to compare to Owen, but not required.15/05/202010history