Resort and Casino Management

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Sun City Casino Resort is a big casino and entertainment resort that’s located in the northern province of South Africa. Its niche is that it is a resort that attracts people who like going to casinos along with enjoying adventurous trips and great scenic beauty. It is a part of the Sun City chain of hotels that have four different hotels with different themes and attractions. It is located next to the Pilanesberg National Park and is surrounded by natural vegetation and an old inactive volcano. The hotel complex has 2 casinos that provide the visitors the Vegas atmosphere and entertainment. It has 4 luxury hotels that include the fabled Palace of the Lost City, Cascades, Main Hotel and Cabana. The casinos are situated within the complex and are open throughout the year. There are hundreds of slots machines and all the basic and popular table games such as stud poker, Texas Hold’em, blackjack, American roulette and Punto Banco.
Apart from its main attraction, it caters to many other common management characteristics that make it appealing to people. It provides sporting facilities that allow the visitors to play their favorite sports and games. It has a world famous Golf course which hosts home of the Sun City Million Dollar Challenge which is an extravagant event and the main attraction for international professional tour calendar every year.
Big singing celebrities such as Queen, Black Sabbath, Frank Sinatra and Bryan Adams have performed concerts at the Sun City Super Bowl venue. This is very important for any resort as one of its management functions is to provide customers unique experiences and events that would make their trip memorable and create goodwill for the resort as well.
As the services business is all about making the customer happy, Sun City Resortprovides many facilities and rewards for its guests. As Sun City is global and is a part of the Sun International hotel and casino group the guests are eligible for rewards such as the Most Valued Guest program. This program has four different categories which are termed as maroon, silver, gold and platinum. these categories are decided by the no. of loyalty points you have earned as a guest of the Sun