Resolving Issues at the Work Place

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According to Heathfield (2009), the management of any workplace has the responsibility to ensure there is an enabling climate for work to be done. It is the working conditions that determine the success of any worthy operation. Any disagreements, wars, and tendencies that bring disruption may spell doom in terms of goal pursuit in organizational settings. It is agreed that conflicts are an attendant issue at the workplace. However, measures need to be provided so as to keep the check on their emergences. This calls for the management to hone their mediation skills to settle such matters as soon as they arise. Conflict should not be avoided in the hope that it will go away. Avoiding conflict in the hope that normalcy would be achieved may serve to exacerbate an already fragile situation in the workplace. The best thing is to tackle the problem the soonest time it is suspected to be in the offing. While attempting to solve a conflict, the involved parties should be met together and never separately unless it so demands. Meeting the concerned parties separately may fail to provide a true picture of what constitutes the problem as each party would want to implicate the opponent in a bad light. So it is necessary to have the parties together in order to be in a deterministic ground on what the problem cause is and make attempts at the same time to arrest the situation. The conflict may be between two people. however, this does not mean that it is only the two individuals who are affected. As the bakery case study reveals, the whole organization was almost coming to a standstill and were it not for the soliciting of support from a third party intervention, the worst may have taken place.