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CJBS 250-Research Methods and Statistics in Criminal JusticeResearch ProposalA research proposal is your plan to conduct research.  All IRBs require you to submit this plan for review and authorization to conduct the research.
For your proposal, complete the following steps. Locate any three (3) peer-reviewed journal articles on the topic that you selected for your proposal. Read the essays and answer the following questions for each essay:a) What is APA citation for the article?b) What is the purpose of study?  What questions were asked?c) What is the sample size?d) What is the research design? (Explanation, Exploration, Evaluation, Description)e) What type of data collection method was used? (i.e., survey, experiment, observation)f) What were the major findings, conclusions, recommendations of study? What is the research topic? This is the topic that is based on the three articles that you selected. What is the research question?  What is the question that the research is trying to answer? What is the analytic plan?  How do you plan to analyze the data? What are the proposed benefits of the research?  Why is this research important? Remember to use 12-point font, double-spacing, and one-inch margins.  All citations will be in APA format. This assignment is due on May 22.  Post your project online at  Late work will NOT be accepted, which means a loss of points and lower final grade.