Research Report International Human Resource Managemnet

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service in South Korea The service is far better in South Korea as they know what troubles they have to mend. According to Jiyeon Bang (2011) We don’t have to talk for more than 30 minutes. It is not complicated. When they needed to come to your house, they came to your house one day later. The customer service in South Korea is much superior and quicker. Consumers these days anticipate companies with which they do business to cooperate with them by a growing number of channels. These channels are even now subjugated by voice and they include SMS, e-mail, live chat, Web self-service, and social media. Technology in South KoreaSouth Korea has moved significantly further in building a middle-of-the-road realism out of the innovative hopes of foregone dot-com days. South Koreas closely inhabited regions have made it easier for telecommunications companies to put forward awfully fast service to large numbers of people. Taylor Reynolds who is an International Telecommunications Union analyst said I think there are a quite a few lessons. Most of the growth is tied to effective competition, which you dont see in a lot of places in the United States. In fact Taylor had recently finished a study of Internet and mobile services in South Korea. Cross culture training in South Korea South Korea does not have adequate and appropriate training center for cross-cultural training. Thus the government has to take steps to provide more centres for cross-cultural training. David Tae-Woong Lee points out that the most urgent need of the Korean missionary training is to prepare qualified trainers. However, preparing a qualified trainer, who is equipped in both academically and cross-culturally, is not so easy. Although several training centres in Korea have invited trainers from foreign countries, the language barrier makes it hard to achieve effective results.ReferenceJiyeon Bang 2011, Adjusting to change from South Korea