Research Proposal for Larghall Leisue Ltd

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Larghall Leisure Ltd. has a small pub chain that operates ten theme pubs within the county of Hertfordshire, England. They have retained our market research consultancy firm to formulate a research strategy proposal that will enable them to appropriately address their responsible business practices in light of the issue of underage and binge drinking. Given the limitations of Larghall Leisure Ltd.’s project in terms of budget and their urgency to receive the results in a four month timeframe, this research proposal will target only the most effective methods available and seek to maximize the expertise and personnel resources already present within the organization.
The inland county of Hertfordshire lies north of the Greater London area, with much of the land contained within the London commuter belt. Not surprisingly, it has a large number of major transportation links. With a residential population in excess of one million people, over 93% of whom are white, Larghall Leisure Ltd. is conducting business in a bustling area of young to middle-aged people. This population is frequently enhanced by tourists enjoying the county’s large number of historical and recreational parks, a university, and other attractions that can be expected to draw young people into its borders. Within the scope of the company’s primary concern, underage and binge drinking, its area of operation presents unique challenges given the specific characteristics of the region. namely the likelihood that its pubs will be filled with youth on both an ongoing basis and on special occasions.
Of particular note is the presence of two potential sources of a large number of young adults. Knebworth House and the University of Hertfordshire. Knebworth House is a 250 acre complex of parks that is a regular venue for rock and pop festivals. Given the proximity to London, it is not hard to foresee large influxes of young people coming into the area for concerts, and having easy access to the towns and villages wherein Larghall Leisure Ltd. has pubs. Further, the University of Hertfordshire, created from the Hatfield Polytechnic Institute, ensures a residential segment of young adults during the school year. Taken in combination, it is predictable that the pubs will see students throughout the year and have busy summers with concert attendees. As noted below in the discussion of the issue, it is this segment of the population which is prone to the binge drinking behavior about which the company is concerned. With the county motto of Trust and fear not, it is clear that the citizens expect a safe environment. (All statistical data – Wikipedia, 2006: pp. 1-5) As a responsible member of this community, Larghall Leisure Ltd. should be properly concerned about the issue of underage and bing