Research Paper

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Paper detalis:1. Your essay is a research paper in the form of an argument essay. Take a stance for OR against the topic you respond to. Remember logos, pathos, and ethos as well as the naysayer, avoiding fallacies and offering proposals.Topic: Are childhood vaccines more harmful than beneficial?2. Remember to use a minimum of 6 sources as support for your uniquely-asserted stance. Do not merely summarize sources, if at all. (See #6 below for more info.)a. Offer at least three pieces of evidence from research to back up each, distinct claim that you’re making in body paragraphs.3. Remember to give credit to the authors that you are quoting in your essay with proper in-text citations and offer a Works Cited page at the end.4. Follow MLA standards as you offer headers, introductory elements, punctuating with quotes, etc.5. Essay length: 6 full pages6. Works Cited SheetA. Sources: 6B. At least four sources must be database sourcesC. Additional sources can be non-database sources1. i.e. reliable, authoritative print sources, ebooks, webpage articles18/05/202050businessfinance