Research Methods Literature review and qualitative analyses

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Literature review is more than just a description. It is original, significant, and interesting research and not just a description. It is a critical analysis of what other authors have said on material relating to my topic. It is usual to subdivide this material into different subjects, starting with more general statements of broad scope, and going on to consider the different subject in more detail, so that to end up narrowing to a consideration of small number of authors whose ideas and results are directly relevant to the precise subject matter of my topic. I will come back to the description of literature review structure later in this paper.
When performing the review, I will start reading articles from professional articles so that it would be easier to differentiate true research from a paper that represent opinions of original authors and does not present a true value. Reading most recent articles will let me catch up with the latest research and to avoid repeating the topic that has previous been investigated. I will start by sourcing the library and associated libraries, using a computer to help in my search, but not substituting it completely for looking around the shelves in the area where to find a useful book. There are often other related texts in close proximity. I will look in the reference section of key books and articles you are using and look in the reference section of other’s theses on similar topics. Here there might be minor references for others’ work.’ work but possibly either background or really key references for your own, depending on the different slants and lines of argument taken in these sources.