Research Design Course Discussion Group 2

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My reseach questions: Global sexual violenceYou are now getting to the point where you want to start thinking about your research design. Research design includes the nuts and bolts of data collection. This assignment and the following two will provide you with the opportunity to really think about, and get feedback on, when you collect data, how you collect your data, and from whom will it be collected.For this particular assignment, you will create a discussion post (and comment on others’ discussions) that provides the design of your research and the rationale behind it. As always, this should be guided by the previous assignments.When considering research design, think about the some of the following designs: Cross-sectional Experimental Longitudinal Quasi-experimentalCriteria Restate your research question State your proposed research design (e.g. cross-sectional, etc.) State how the proposed design fits with your research question13/05/202010english