Research Design and Procedure

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From this discussion, a knowledge gap is created which demonstrates that not so much has been done to determine exactly the effectiveness of transformative learning as opposed to together modes/forms of learning in shielding the workers from the shock of rapid social changes. This revelation renders the research relevant for that particular study as there is a wide lacuna that needs to be studied.
However, it becomes ambiguous when it states that it seeks to broaden the knowledge and understanding of transformative learning ‘by describing restorative leaning’. This purpose is not easily understood as one may be left wondering what variables influences what or how do the variables correlate in case they actually are. A precise and clear purpose of the study should have been drawn such any anyone can easily know what the researcher intends to do simply by reading the work, without any critical consideration and thoughts.
Moreover, the article uses good referencing to explore and present both the empirical and theoretical frameworks. It can be seen that it bridges the practical and the theoretical frameworks of knowledge y presenting both cases in such a way that one can see and appreciate the difference. The need to review studies that had been conducted as well as the documented articles and sources help expand the knowledge about the topic that is under study. A look into the relevance between the referenced materials about the theoretical framework shows that the sources used are reliable and accurate for the particular topic. The theoretical framework covered is also relevant to the topic under study as the researcher applies pertinently valid theoretical content in their attempt to describe and explain critical transformative learning.
Method of Research
The researcher puts efforts to explain that the study was conducted through ‘Action Research Process’. They go ahead and explain that this method was chosen because the nature of the variables under study best suited the method. It is claimed that action research process as a method has ‘a natural affinity’ with this type of learning under investigation since it gives room to monitor the changes that the participants record with the shifting conditions.&nbsp.