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The aspects include different leadership theories and knowledge of ethical leadership among others (Education Portal, 2013). Brief Analysis of the Course Based on Different Principles as well as Benchmarks and Improvement of the Course On the basis of different principles as well as benchmarks, it can be affirmed that the course of Ed.D. in Organizational Leadership tends to assist the students in providing them with effective ideas for solving different problems within a workplace. The course generally concerns the usage of various scientific research based techniques that deliberately trains the students to become an effectual business leader. Moreover, the different topics of the course relating to various leadership philosophies, ethics along with styles of personal leadership and conflict ultimately raise the benchmark of the course. Contextually, the course can be improved by appointing a broad range of faculties belonging to diverse educational as well as professional backgrounds so that the students can be provided with greater ideas about the perception of organizational leadership especially in K-12 business settings and become a successful business leader in their future endeavors. Apart from appointing experienced faculties, the course can also be enhanced by introducing more helpful topics such as strategic planning, organizational behavior, leadership theory as well as practice relating to e-learning and statistical methodologies among others (Michigan State University, 2011). Evaluation of the Selected Course in Determining the Learning Needs and Expectations of the Learners The different topics or subject areas included in the course of Ed.D. in Organizational Leadership effectively determines the learning requirements as well as the expectations of the learners with due significance. In relation to the learning needs and the prospects of the learners or the students, it can be stated that the completion of this course would ultimately support them in obtaining the skills required for superior leadership positions in the current day business sectors and to efficiently train others in performing different leadership roles successfully. The various significant topics of the course would also help the learners in acquiring a detailed idea about solving conflicts or disputes, conducting any strategic planning and making any effective developmental policy required to deal with the situation. In other words, it can be stated that the course would eventually aid the learners in successfully dealing with the complex situations commonly faced within a workplace and therefore holding superior leadership positions as compared to others (Education Portal, 2013). Hence, it can be affirmed that the course designed is effective enough to address the learners’ expectations and needs with efficiency. Benchmarks and Principles of Doctor of Business Administration – Management Course The course of Doctor of Business Administration under Grand Canyon University provides its students with the prospect to raise their knowledge about different theories of business. This particular course has been structured in a way so that the learners or the students can acquire a comprehensive idea about various aspects that include execution of business management theories relating to global economy and implementation of