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Part One. Pick any idea in this week’s material (focus only on the assigned pages from the reading) that interests you and post your philosophical thoughts on it.During week 5 read the first half of this chapter (Sections 1-5)Part Two. Respond critically when you comment on the post of one (or more) members of the class.QIFAN LiThis week’s reading mainly discusses the justification of dualism, which I personally believe in, and in section 5, behaviorism is introduced as the first modern materialist attempt to explain consciousness. Through reading the claims made by behaviorists, I find they have serious limitations. From a general point of view, behaviorists point out that human beings have no immaterial “mind”; instead, human behaviors are fully caused by genes and external physical factors. Personally, I do not think behaviorism is true. For instance, it is known that identical twins share all of their genes, and if a pair of identical twins is brought up in exactly the same environment, then according to behaviorism, due to the fact that they share the same genes and external physical factors, their behaviors must be the same. Apparently, this is not true, because there is no human being in the world who always does the same thing that another does all the time, even in the case of identical twins. Therefore, I do not think the theory proposed by behaviorists is strong enough to explain the causes of human behaviors; instead, I hold the opinion that immaterial “mind” exists and our mind decides our behaviors.