Required Changes for a Team Leader

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Leadership Significant Personal Changes Needed For A Person To Be An Effective Team Leader A person might need to go through significant personal changes to be an effective team leader by stepping outside the comfort zone and discarding the assumptions that dictate their behavior. The success of a team or an organization is dependent on good leadership. For instance, the actions, attitude as well as the quality of a leader are crucial determinants of effective leadership. However, an individual should change certain components as a measure of becoming a good leader. Good leadership is motivated by the need to have a different mindset and change of behavior (Daft amp. Lane, 2008). The leaders must be willing to change their personal beliefs and customs to fit into a different system that is dictated by other factors. Consequently, to be an effective team leader, a person needs to have a change of attitude and shift towards harnessing the qualities that are relevant for proper leadership. Required Changes A team leader must be willing to accept mistakes and take responsibility for the wrongs committed. Moreover, the leader must accept that they do not have all the information and allow other people to correct them whenever necessary (Daft amp. Lane, 2008). The team leader must also allow positive contribution from the other team members. Another change that is required is recognizing the significance of shared values and purpose. A team leader must steer the group on the same path by articulating the vision and goals (Daft amp. Lane, 2008). A team leader should coach and train the other team members as a way of enhancing their capacity as well as technical ability.ReferenceDaft, R. L., amp. Lane, P. G. (2008). The leadership experience. Mason, OH: Thomson/South- Western.