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The faculty of engineering for time now in Cleveland University is a tool that has for seen many students come out to emerge as challenging and experts in these fields. Computer and electrical engineering has imposed more technological heighten and with it several of the fields of study are improving in machine orientation. Fields of business, medical, survey, planning, architecture among others relies on electronic competence to accomplish and abridge their work. Still today many engineering students are
Computer and electrical engineering are faculties that are proving to be the backbone of the technological innovations. Still there are many challenges behind the teaching of the faculty courses in offering what is really required of the program to have. Propose for the research in Cleveland university is to have:
Engineering is defined as design application of theoretical principles and engineering experience to the practical solution to technical problems. Engineering in Cleveland state university is a faculty that has been prosperous in both the theory teaching and practical and this has made is possible to offer up to doctorate level in academics. The program includes required courses and an integration selection courses in the student field of interest which are communication system, computer systems, control and power and power systems. Modeling the engineering field will help the student come out with a lot of experience. Since the university has an internal workshop for students and also a research for masters and PhD students, there have been more setbacks in machine orientation and layout but with the addition of this then definitely there will be bulk in terms of equipping students. The aim and the objective of the university is to mould competent engineers in their respective faculty.
Iam concerned with this research because it is aiming at educating students and making them ready to