Reproduction of the Gooey Butter Cake

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The innovative cake from the latest recipe had a slight difference from the inventive Cake. The visual appearance of the new outcome was almost similar to the original cake except for a few variations. Nutritional value and health value changed between the recreated home-prepared and commercially prepared cake. Consumers benefited from consuming the home prepared cake, because ingredients used in the home-made cake, espoused a vegetarian dimension, was tastier and healthier and had immense nutritional value (Baking, 2010). Nutritional value prowess is an incentive for consumers to have more of home-prepared cake against commercially prepared. A list of the ingredients for the preparation included in the exhibit four consists of the ordinary, mostly available in baked products available in convenience stores and another baked foodstuff. Commercial entrepreneurs mostly use these ingredients for various reasons. however, the main purpose is enhancing more nutritional value and lengthening the lifespan of cake (Pruska-kdzior et al., 2008). Primary in the component catalog is unrefined milk. Higginbotham et al. (2014) say that fat content of whole milk is 3.5%. Whole milk attaches other ingredients mutually. Fat in the milk is crucial for tenderizing the cake. The disadvantage of using untreated milk is elevated fat proportion. A better-off feel in the mouth exists in baked products containing whole milk. According to the Department of Agriculture of U.S (2012), it is advisable to adopt low fat or fat-free dairy products. Milk has immense benefits especially low-fat fortified milk. Indispensable nutrients from milk include vitamin D, potassium, and calcium, good for the development of well-built bones. According to Harvard food pyramid (2006), the risks of consuming milk override benefits of consumption. Commercial producers of the cake should consider health issues when incorporating milk.