Report about recruitment department on human resources

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The recruitment function has a dual objective, which is to attract qualified applicants, while also keeping out the unqualified applicants, thus minimizing the processing costs for unqualified candidates. However, recruitment is not always external and may also involve internal recruitment, where vacant positions are filled from inside (Chan &amp. Kuok 430). This study will investigate the contemporary issues facing human resource departments in the recruitment process.
All HR departments and professionals face specific challenges in the recruitment process, whether it involves inadequate resumes from qualified and experienced candidates or inability to effectively shift through the applications. According to Grensing-Pophal (p. 33), human resource professionals must overcome these obstacles if they are to recruit the best emerging and experienced talents. It is the HR function’s responsibility and duty to ensure that the process of recruitment is effective, specifically in matching the interests and skills of the applicant with the overall requirements, needs, and tasks involved in the vacant job. Moreover, it should also ensure that this is done in a manner that complies with the organizations objectives and goals, as well as applicable legislation. It is important that the HR department get this process right since the organization’s success rests on the adequacy of its human resources, which, as seen, begins with the efficient recruitment of staff (Grensing-Pophal 33).
The research question for this study will be’ “What are the contemporary practices and processes used by the human resources department in recruiting employees that positively influence the organization’s outcomes?”
The effectiveness of any research study in answering the research question depends significantly on the appropriateness of the research methodology (Morris 50). For this study, the researcher will use the quantitative