Repeated measures ANOVA analysis

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Looking at the assumption that may be no difference across the whole group under the study that is the post graduate, undergraduate, high schools and primary on social google is looked into. The results according table 2, there is no difference in google social across the difference levels of education in Tabke 2 and 3
On the hypothesis that there are a mean differences in the google adult variable. According to the results on table four, male seem to slightly spend more time per week on the internet than female. With male spending about n=17.03 while female spending about n=16.92 per week.
Looking at the hypothesis that there are mean differences in on gender and google academic according to table 5 which shows that there s indeed a mean difference. With gender at n=1.462 and google academic n=77.938. This is a clear sign that indeed there is gender difference and the difference levels of education. With the highest being reported to be post graduate at n=18 and the both high school and undergraduate at n=16. This clearly shows that there is a higher difference among the post graduate than the other levels of education in internet access.
The type of search engine and information category has effect on internet access has affected different levels of education. With the post graduate and undergraduate highly affected and least affected are primary schools. There is a significant difference in the means of postgraduate, High school, and primary school on google academic. However, there is no difference in the means of undergraduate and postgraduate and also between primary school and High school on google