Remix Justification

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Remix Justification At its core, a rhetorical strategy refers to the efforts made by an with the aim of changing the mind of the audience or persuading or informing readers about a certain topic or issue. In the development of my project, I made use of a number of rhetorical strategies, which describe the different ways I sought to persuade the readers. However, prior to deciding which rhetorical strategy I would use, I considered a number of questions to ensure that I used the most suitable strategy for my audience. These questions included assessing who my intended audience is and my relationship with them. I also asked myself whether my primary purpose was to prove an argument or simplify the issues at hand (Harris 167). I also considered my choice of words by bearing in mind the educational level of my audience. This paper will describe the rhetorical choices I made during the development of my project, discussing how these choices helped me communicate ideas from my research blog.The project I chose as my remix project is a website. Since my major is Economics, I set out to enlighten freshmen about the importance of economics and advise them to choose economics as their major. The initial rhetorical I chose was rapport. I decided to begin by building a sense of friendliness, as well as receptivity with my audience by cordially welcoming the readers (Harris 119). The welcome page of my website encompasses a group of individuals holding hands to represent a sense of friendliness with the readers. I also used friendly language to show optimism for readers’ choices to keep reading my website. Building rapport is a vital communicative technique, particularly because of its persuasive abilities. I used my being in college as a common ground with the readers. Consequently, I also chose the identification rhetorical strategy to establish a sense of shared values, interests and attitudes with the readers. These shared features are inherent in most college students, including freshmen who are the target audience of my website. Word choice or diction serves as a primary rhetorical device since it allows me to be both informative and persuasive to my audience (Harris 159). For instance, in the what section of my website, I inform the audience of different concepts in economics. I also used logical appeals by demonstrating the importance of economic in everyday activities, for instance, my example of my iPhone case business. Overall my rhetorical choices allowed the audience to relate to me, thereby, enabling me communicate ideas from my research blog effectively. I also believe that these choices enabled me simplify ideas from the research blog to make them easily understandable by my audience. As a consequence, the different rhetorical choices and the project itself have enhanced my personal literacy by enhancing both my communication and writing skills. My simplification of ideas from the research blog has enhanced my appreciation of the different ways of writing such as using simple and complex language, which are vital to me as a writer. This project has enhanced my writing skills, for instance, by developing strengths such as effective consideration and targeting of the audience (Harris 157). Work CitedHarris, R. A. Writing with Clarity and Style: A Guide to Rhetorical Devices for Contemporary Writers. California: Pyrczak Publishing, 2002. Print.