Remembered person in yr life

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February 16, Eng 101 Index 3017 McKenzey Sanat Timilsina Draft Most people would have a hero figure in their life as someone who would inspire them or help them to understand about life and its highs and lows. I too have an inspiring person in my life, my older brother Raj with whom I have almost spent my entire childhood. My brother is dark-haired. light skinned and has thick eyebrows and a Mongolian look which he inherited from our father. My brother is a handsome young man just like my father. Though we never shared a good vibe, everybody else, both within the family and outside, likes him very much. He has the gift of the gab and people can listen to his talk all day long. Indeed he is one of the brightest and smart kids within the whole family. It was not easy growing up with my brother as we never got along and would often end up fighting for petty issues. My parents had to intervene and break up the fights between us. There was always a competition between us and in the end it was I who had to sacrifice and my brother mostly won the laurels. I was different from my brother and was more of an extrovert and liked to mingle with friends and relatives. In short I preferred being myself and that was how I wanted to be known. I always had the intention that I knew it all while my brother always tried to talk to me about how I should behave, but I would simply roll my eyes and would never take his advice though I would know internally that what he said made sense. As time passed and as I moved to the United States to further my studies and my brother moved to India to study dentistry, I began to realize how much I actually missed him. The realization that we were both getting older and that life is too short to be wasted dawned upon me during this time of separation. He was doing well academically and that inspired me to work hard in my studies and shine well. We also began to talk with each other and realized that we actually vibe well. I got a lot of good advice from my brother and it was always a pleasure talking with him. Our relationship blossomed and we become good friends. I knew that I could always count on him when I felt low and often turned to him when I was frustrated about something or when I had a problem. I vividly remember the day we met after a long time when we both decided to come home for the vacation. It was during May 2009, and I landed at the airport at around 9 am that morning. very eager and exited to see my brother. My brother had reached home a week before I landed and came to receive me at the airport with my parents. I was happy to see all three of them waiting for me. and my eyes, almost instantly, was drawn to my brother and tears swelled in my eyes as I was overjoyed to see him. More than a brother, the deep friendly relationship that we had shared over the past few years was more special for me. As we drove back home, I could hardly speak to my brother as my joy was over bound and it was then that I truly realized what it was to have a sibling. My parents were also equally happy that we really got to know each other during our separated years. They were pulling our legs by talking old stories and how we despised each other in our younger days. During my short stay at my home, both my brother and I shared the same room and arranged a few outings with the family. Being with him in person was more enjoyable as he made my stay very memorable with his inspiring talk and actions. He also gifted me with a wonderful memento which expressed his love as a brother as well as a friend. Hence my brother is my most cherished person and I feel extremely lucky to have him in my life. There has been many a thing that I have learnt from him and in return I want to remain a good friend and sibling to him and stand by him in both good times and in bad.