Religion Spirituality and Leadership class

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However, there is much more to this inspirational performer, that goes beyond his gifts as a musician, but, also, as a strong supporter of activism, spirituality, and leadership and encouraged people do be active, bring about equality, and being grateful, as well as, positive, in the life that you have and all of the things that you do. What made Bob Marley so inspirational that his legacy, like his music, has survived long after him? Why did people perceive him as a potential leader of men? Much of what made the much of Bob Marley’s work so insightful is that he relied heavily on his spirituality. Marley was a Rastafarian. This religion is considered to be quite young. It was founded in Jamaica in the 1930s. The faith centers around a single god figure, called Jah. The ideology of Rastafarians is a very much its own faith, with elements of Christianity and elements of eastern meditation based faith mixed together. They incorporate into their ritual and ceremony drumming, chanting, the regular smoking of marijuana, and meditation. They abstain from alcohol and, very often, meat, particularly pork. They seek greater spiritual awareness and rely heavily on inner reflection as a mean of self and world understandings. Bob Marley was uniquely capable of fusing his spirituality into something that could inspire others to his cause. That said, he already had a very powerful tool for leading others spiritually. What makes a strong leader to begin with? Most experts today are in agreement that patriarchal styles of leadership will, ultimately, be unsuccessful. In fact, there may only be two, potential, outcomes from any form of patriarchal leadership.…one is submission, the other is rebellion.(Rebick, 2009) The kinds of leaders with the greatest chance of successfully inspiring those they lead are, often, spiritual leaders. Leaders with a strong spiritual element in goals and message grant higher meaning to the intentions to their words. Giving meaning is the surest way to motivate human beings. (Wheatley, 2005) People are, more likely, to do something if it matters, more so that if they are simply ordered to. Having meaning in your tasks keeps people motivated and focused. That said, this is probably one of the most important qualities of any leader. being able to keep people unified in a cause or course of action is paramount. Service-leadership is a leadership aspect that is, also, a wonderful way to motivate people, because it provides the ideals of doing for others even when there is no benefit to oneself. (Spears, 1995) Bob Marley was able to take his spiritual message and incorporate with the