Religion paper

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Hello,I need help with this assignment.The Homework has two partsPart A: is asking to write 400 words a summery of what we have learned in the class.Part B: is to choose 5 topics from the following and write 100 word about each topic 500 in total.In total I only need a 900 words ONLY.NO reference required. THE DUE DATE IS MAY 1412 PM PDT ” LOS ANGELES TIME ZONE”24 HOURS FROM NOWThese are the instructionsPART AWrite about the most valuable ideas (insights) you learned and will take way from the entire course?Word limit 300-400 words. Indicate word count.PART BChoose any five (5) of the following Topics:#Catholicism in America#Development of Christianity,#Jesus & New Testament,#Protestant America,#Paul,#Religion in America,#Islam—Intro,#Islam T-F,#Islam Pillars,#Comparisons,#Islam by Numbers,#Muslims and Jews,#Roots of Religious Extremism,#Sunni-Shia,#Religion and Tolerance.Then(a) summarize the essence of the post,(b) discuss why it was meaningful for you. Word limit: 500 words or about 100 per post. Indicate word count.I have attached a file about each topic to help you.14/05/202010english