Relationship between Personal Selling and Promotional Mix

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The report also seeks to outline the factors that influence the consumers to make a decision when purchasing a product as well as the overall role of the sales force within a marketing strategy.
The promotion mix elements are mainly comprised of the following elements. advertising, sales promotion, personal selling and publicity (Strydom 2004 p142). As such, this function is mainly called the marketing communication mix. For instance, when marketing industrial products, selling is the prime element and in order to be effective, a communications strategy must have a clear and well-defined set of objectives. In some cases, people do not immediately buy a car because it is advertised on television but promotion is one aspect that affects buyer behavior in many ways. When economic conditions are difficult as is the case with Hendrix business, the promotional element is more ideal. This is important to the company because demand must be stimulated amongst the buyers be they individual consumers or organizational buyers. Thus, personal selling plays a pivotal role in helping the organization achieve this feat.
Although personal selling has been described as a function of the communication/promotional mix, its importance is that it is now considered as a separate province of marketing in its own right (Lancaster amp. Reynolds 1999). The role of the salesperson is more than face to face selling. Increasingly, the sales force is seen in the role of gathering information particularly in relation to inputting into the company’s marketing information system (Lancaster amp. Reynolds 1999). In view of this argument, it can be noted that the sales force has a major role to play with regards to gathering information about the customers. Essentially, marketing is concerned with the satisfaction of the consumer needs profitably. Therefore, for an organization like Hendrix business to be better positioned to anticipate and satisfy the needsof the customers, there is a need for them to have information about different targeted customers.