Regional Economics Course Project (Report on a Book Chapter

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pick a chapter in the bookand do the projectmore information in the doc Regional Economics Course Project blowWhat should be the contents of the report?• Your Name (does not count toward word count)• Thetitleofyour chapter• Theauthor of your chapter• Abriefsummaryofthechapter(about100-200words)• Describethemaineconomicconceptsemployedinthechapter(about200-300words)• Describe the main public policy issue addressed in the chapter (about 200-300 words)• Describeempiricaldatamentionedinthechapterandhowitisemployed by the author (about 200-300 words)• Explain whether you were persuaded by the argument presented by the author or not persuaded (about 100-200 words) Minimum numbers above add up to 800 words (too short); maximum numbers above add up to 1,300 words (too long)How long should the report be?• Approximately 1,000 words (about 4 double-spaced pages)• Gradingisbased, in part, on length• Thereport should not be too long• The reportshouldnotbetooshort5/16/2020 due and no plagiarism and need the report16/05/202040businessfinance