Refusal Memorandum

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Although, the problem was to meet the customer demand due to the stiff competition in the construction company business, the business has been effectual and hardworking for last few years. The high competition in the market contributed much in fashioning the new program that we hope will help to reduce this problem, and assist in developing skills that will advance the relationship with other business. Our aim is to look for good helpers enthusiastic to work with us to provide superior services to our client without any political interference from external sources. The main principles of the Dawson and Engels are to be economically beneficial to the community and not to participate in the political activities that can influence productivity of the company or give an unconstructive impression to our colleagues. The motives of the CNV are worth implementing into our company, but some ideas such as protesting in military decisions and peace camps can be politically threatening to Dawson and Engels. The connotation of the program is to give a positive result to the volunteers endeavors and not to highlight negative intentions of our program, that why CNV effort will not be integrated into Dawson Engels program. The Center for Non-violence viewpoints was exceptionally remarkable, and we appreciably value your participation. However, we would like you to come up with some more suggestion that can be fundamental to both companies without putting any of us at risk. The company entirely supports our employees’ effort and encourages you and any other willing participant to contribute in the volunteer opportunities available in Dawson Engels Company that will benefit the society. From: Lauren Bernoskie, Meaghan Gaynor, Ting Wang To: Adina Sanchez-Garcia Sent: Friday, October 21, 2011 11:21 AM Subject: Case Analysis Dear Ms. Sanchez Garcia, Analysis is a tool that concentrates mostly on the fundamental features of the practice. It shows that our standpoints contribute to certain views about the business, our partners and ourselves. The analysis include discussion of views in which, through our use of language, we are not capable of not only displaying who we are, but also how we want people to understand our principles (Paltridge, 2006). The program analysis commenced when our group lied down different proposals from the best volunteers option of Dawson Engels program. Our group was chosen to give a systematic way of selecting the best volunteers who will take part in the company program in the community. The task was hard, but we were after the productivity and the superior image of the Dawson Engels, that why we first selected the major areas that was necessary in the analysis. After we were through with highlighting what was fundamental in our analysis, and what we thought was necessary to write a refusal memorandum to the volunteers, we started our analysis from listed point for appointment and refusal requirements. The analysis intended to discuss why CNV, one of the volunteers in our program, was not an appropriate support for the program. Meaghan who was a member in our group concluded that the CNV was not suitable because their focus would bring a political threat to the company. He pointed out that since the main principles of the company are to maintain peace to the community at all the cost, the founders would not