Reflection Training

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Section/# HR Analysis Assignment A Window Between Worlds is a nonprofit organization that utilizes art and artisticappreciation as a means of providing a level of therapy and closure for people that have faced traumatic or violent circumstances within their own lives. As such, from an HR training model perspective, the following analysis will be broken into two portions. The first portion will be concentric upon discussing a needs assessment, design and delivery, and evaluation for how this particular nonprofit organization should operate. Similarly, a secondary section of this analysis will be concentric upon answering several key questions in terms of what was learned, how it can be applied, whether or not it was significant, and how the learning can be utilized within a goal-based format. It is the hope of this particular analyst that such a level of discussion will be beneficial in providing the reader and more in-depth understanding of how human resources practices can effectively be utilized within this particular case.Firstly, in terms of a needs assessment, it is clear and apparent that the firm/organization will find it necessary to leverage a training program as a means of identifying and incorporating best practices within their volunteer staff and/or workforce. Although the type of work that this particular organization attempts to perform is no doubt beneficial to the community at large, seeking to impart a uniform understanding of how the approach to art appreciation and presentation should take place is an essential component of whether or not the goals and vision of the organization will ultimately be successful or not.In terms of design and delivery, it will be necessary to encourage management, both at a high level and at the middle level, to recommend best practices and analyze the way in which their respective groups have performed tasks and realized and results. The training method will need to utilize internal inputs as well as consider the means by which similar organizations, operating and lateral fields, have effectively train their own staff and are able to achieve the goals at hand.Likewise, final evaluation will be performed by reviewing test groups within the organization and determining which of these has been able to benefit the overall vision and metrics/goals that the organization hopes to fulfill the best manner possible. By analyzing each and every group and promoting a multi-pronged approach, it will be possible to utilize all of the best practices in an eventual unified training platform.Similarly, in terms of the second section of this analysis, it is clear that the above assignment has provided a further level of understanding and identification for the need that a unified and uniform training process will provide. This learning is extraordinarily important and specific to the function and effective implementation that any such organization will hope to achieve. in that a differentiated and non-uniform approach would create a situation in which strife and internal division with diminish the overall propensity that such an organization can speak to the vision and goals it has set for itself. Likewise, in terms of utilizing this particular level of learning, it is the goal of this student to understand that prior to setting out on any path, it is necessary for stakeholders to review existing training programs and determine whether or not these are useful and specifically beneficial to the overall goals that such an organization might seek to establish and fulfill within their respective community or market space.Work CitedA Window Between Worlds. Art as a Healing Tool.A Window Between Worlds. N.p., 12Oct.2014. Web. 27Oct.2014.