Reflection Paper

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Students should demonstrate that they can distinguish the relevant points that form a logically coherent argument. They should also be able to construct criticisms which effectively undermine, throughthe use of appropriate counter-examples, some premise of that argument.Your assignment is to read any ONEof the following four articles written by Theodore Dalrymple located in the final chapter of the required textbook:The Frivolity of EvilHow and How Not to Love MankindWhat We Have to LoseRoads to SerfdomThen, FORTHE ARTICLE YOU CHOOSE TO WRITE ON, you will type a 1000-1500 word responsein which you address EACH of the following points IN YOUR OWN WORDS:1) What is the author’s main argument?2) How does he support his main argument (evidence, ancillary arguments, etc.)? 3) Do you agree or disagree with him?4) Why or why not?5) Apply the insights of at least two of the readings we have studied in this course (in chapters 1-9) to your analysis. Make sure to give a substantive explanation of how the philosophers’ insights are relevant to the topic you are discussing.22/05/202015appliedsciences