Reflection of tuesdays with Morrie

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As a result, they do not have much idea about learning how to die, but so much knowledge about the learning on how to live.According to Morrie, once you learn how to die, you learn how to live. To analyze the context of this point, one must understand first that these words form a statement that came from a person who has eventually accepted the idea of death, it is Morrie. Morrie, in his situation is not oblivious of the thought that the possibility of his physical death is at any moment and that could be depicted as like someone who is lurking around the corner and is ready to gouge him to death at any time. It is at this point in time that Morrie has eventually appreciated many things about life, which is something that many people do not appreciate, because they are too busy or being preoccupied earning a living for them to survive. However, behind all of these things, they are oblivious of the fact that they might have been missing something important or essential. They might have not appreciated the simple things, which eventually are the things based on the point of view of Morrie as essential to survival. These things if properly appreciated will eventually lead a person to live a life free from stress and full of contentment. Thus, Morrie is just trying to show the idea that unless a person will never know things concerning on what it takes to be dying, the things that are truly essential for living can hardly be recognized by them.This is evident to the point of Morrie when he is certain of the perspective that people are too involved in material goods and their own egotism (Albom, 2009). While relying on an oxygen tank to survive, Morrie eventually appreciates the things outside of his window, but unfortunately he is no longer able to go outside and enjoy some of these things.However, the thought of contentment in his mind is the ultimate force that continues to