Reconstruction Plans

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Reconstruction Plans Qsn indeed, President Abraham Lincoln was deferred to US Court to finally legitimize one of his powerful laws of the war. This was the order of the year 1863 that of reconstruction of political system of the US Confederate states. During this time, President Abraham Lincoln transformed the federal system of the confederate states by implementing both interim governance and readmission standards of all the affected nations. This transformation included elimination of slavery from the new constitution and also in the states’ electorates’ reconstruction1. However, President Abraham Lincoln was also afraid that the federal Court might contrary his orders on reconstruction. This was a possibility that encouraged efforts of Republican and resulted in emancipation of Thirteenth Amendment.
President Abraham Lincoln highly supported this amendment to ensure that the new constitution could improve an essential guide for reconstructed states as well as post-Appomattox High Court. President Abraham Lincoln had a belief that the Constitution was appropriate for reconstruction and states’ unity. Both his innate instinct towards decency and impressive education enabled him to become the President a post that enhanced to reunify as improving the entire nation. In the year 1862, Lincoln asked Attorney Edwin to ensure that the rights adhered to all citizens in the nation. The reply of the Attorney General rested on circuit opinion of Justice Bushrod Washington in the year 1823 in Corfield Coryell. Lincoln ensured that the rights abolished slavery. Lincoln’s plans towards reconstruction were depicted in the year 1862 and 1863 when he ordered black to be included in the military.
Qsn 2: reconstruction was an attempt that was started from the year 1865 to 1877in the history of America. The main purpose of reconstruction was to resolve the matters of the Civil War after destruction of both slavery and confederacy. Reconstruction went through three different phases, which include the presidential reconstruction phase, radical reconstruction phase, and redemption phase. The presidential reconstruction phase started in the year 1863 and ended in 1866. This phase was under control of Andrew Johnson and President Abraham Lincoln with the aim reuniting the entire country at a faster rate2. This moderate program was affected by opposition of Radical Republicans a faction that was influenced by 1866 elections. The main aim of the Radical reconstructionwas to improve voting rights and civil rights for the citizens. In the year 1873 to 1877, Republicans were defeated by the Redemption, which took control of all southern states thus resulting in the end of the reconstruction3.
Lincoln’s reconstruction plans started in the year 1861 after the end of the Civil War. The Radical Republicans, who were looking for strict laws used the Reconstruction Congressional Committee as their base. In the year 1863, President Abraham Lincoln started his restoration plans. His plans imposed a very sharp opposition towards the Congress radicals, who had the belief that the old planter will simply restore4. The assassination of Lincoln and the costs of the Civil War increased the anger of the Northern Statesleading to demand of strict policies. Andrew Johnson who was the Vice President of the time had a challenging time and suggested of hanging the entire rebel Confederates and letting the ex-Confederates to continue with the Southern control. Jefferson Davis was taken to prison for a period of two years but there were no trials. Lincoln banned the Wade-Davis Radical plans of the year 1864.
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