Recommendations from the Clients

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From an organizational point of view, it is quite apparent that Tom Martin’s behavior shall cause a significant effect on the organization’s well-being in terms of reputation as a Family Support Services Centre. This certain aspect can be recognized as quite significant for a service-based organization. It is worth mentioning that customer satisfaction has gained considerable importance in the service industries and has been recorded to enhance the overall sustainable growth of the organization (Cronin, Jr. Et. Al., 2000).It is in this context that Tom Martin’s behavior shall in the near future cause serious issues regarding customer dissatisfaction. Furthermore, his behavior towards female clients shall also influence the working environment within the organizational structure. From an overall point of view, this shall lead to the diminished productivity of the workers in the organization. Thus, it is most likely to hamper the future growth prospects of the organization and should be considered quite significantly.Taking into account, the probable consequences of Tom Martin’s behavior from the organizational perspective, the most applicable suggestion would be to release him through termination. However, being associated with the organization for 4 years as an adequate counselor, Tom Martin can also be identified as a vital member with significant experience in client handling. It is in this context that the supervisors should also focus on interviewing Tom Martin in order to gain an insight into the scenario. As stated by Murphy Dillion (2003), interviewing has always been beneficial to develop an in-depth understanding of a situation related to the perception and behavior of an individual which shall also be beneficial in this context.It is in this milieu that providing equal consideration to the reasons and consequences of Tom Martin’s behavior, importance in the organization, and other fundamental aspects, it can be stated that Tom Martin can also be referred for additional supervisory support and re-training in the child and family counseling sector.