Recent Engineering Ethical Issues

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Recent engineering ethical issues
To understand about engineering ethics, it is important to analyze a recent case which involved the breach of these ethics. For instance, the latest engineering ethical issue that occurred on the 17th of October 2011 involved the Cardino Entrix Review Contract which raised sticky engineering issues. Despite meeting the relevant ethical engineering code of standards, the environmental consultants for the Keystone XL Pipeline project of the state department should have rejected the offer to take up the job as it depicted a conflict of interest. The conflict of interest, in this case, was as a result of the suspicions of some sneaky actions. The avoidance of a conflict of interest is vital in the engineering ethical codes as Caredino Entrix had to disclose all the activities of the prior work in relation to Trans Canada who is the pipeline developer.
The relevance of the case to outlined learning outcomes

This is vital as the absence of the application of the regulation, federal law and has to be done in a manner that will not create a conflict. This will only be possible if there is a fully transparent disclosure of the firm’s activities in the prior work. The engineers’ ethics codes require professional engineers to pay special consideration to the safety, health, and welfare of the community (Richard).

Ethical and professionalism characteristic learned from team members
After working as a team during the semester, there are several professionalisms and ethical characteristics that I have learned to practice in my engineering job. It is evident that within the engineering profession teamwork is an important aspect. Therefore, it is very important that I become accountable for my actions. It is also important to work in relation to moral ethics as well as set professional standards within my job specification.