Reasoning on secrets and deviant behavior

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Reflection People tend to keep secret those things that, if found out, would cause others to label them as deviant. (2) Exchanging secrets with others often triggers feelings of closeness between people. (3) Therefore, feelings of closeness between people would be harder to achieve in a society where there was no such thing as deviance.People are gregarious creatures and can exist only in interconnection with each other. Establishing close relations is a top priority for every of us. Our connections usually define our role and position in the society. Speaking about the reasoning stated above, I can’t but say that I completely agree with the first two items. We usually exchange secrets with those people who we want to be and consider to be close to us. However, no society can exist without deviance, so we can’t even admit that a society without deviance can exist. In every society there are different norms and rules, and deviance means violation of these norms and rules, which are common for all the members of society. The rules of behavior are obligatory and necessary. Our world simply would not be able to exist and would disappear without norms and rules of behavior. Human’s nature presupposes violation of these norms as humans are imperfect creatures by their nature. Thus, deviance anyway takes place in every society and no society can exist without it. As norms and rules can’t exist without deviance, the same way deviance can’t exist without norms and rules.Actually, feeling of closeness between people is established not only by sharing secrets and deviance can’t be considered a reason of closeness between people. Moreover, deviance sometimes can be a consequence of sharing secrets. A person may share a secret with another person who seems close to him, but this sharing can turn into a big and serious mistake. I had such a situation in my life. Another person may be not so close or their relationships can break one day. As a consequence a secret may be disclosed. Moreover, we know that if two people know about the secret, it is not a secret any more. Thus, the disclosure of the secret can result in deviant behavior, moreover the disclosure itself is a deviance. Every society has its rules and norms and the violation of these norms is called deviant behavior. Interconnection between people can be different and has both negative and positive sides.