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The experimenter will read journals and check databases for previous research in this area. Case studies specific to Montserratian immigrants will be looked at. There will be looking in depth, at the areas these immigrants dominated and changes that has occurred overtime in these regions. Statistical evidence will be explored to determine the number of Montserratians residing in England in comparison to 1995 as a result of the volcanic eruption. A survey and semi-formal interviews will also be carried out with immigrants in order to test this hypothesis. On completion there should be an understanding if there is a profound change in the areas immigrants occupied. These changes could be political, social or economical. Census and crime statistics data will provide an adequate rationale to support the hypothesis. PROJECT DESCRIPTION Name, Class, School – 5/07/2011 Title: Caribbean Immigration to England following the 1995 Montserrat Volcano Eruption I. Introduction Considerable research has been conducted referencing environmental disasters and migration of people from danger zones to safer locations internationally. In 1995, the island of Montserrat experienced a devastating volcanic eruption. As T. H. Druitt and B. P. …
The methodology for this research will include quantitative approaches based in statistics from the UK Migration database as well as qualitative research drawn from interviews with Montserrat islanders. This case study should be of value for reference within the larger body of research related to migration patterns following natural disasters. II. The Statement of the Problem Research on the migration patterns that follow natural disasters is important for social planning, immigration management, humanitarian aid assessments, and to other aspects of governance internationally. The Montserrat volcano eruption resulted in a widespread displacement of people who were resettled both locally and internationally. In focusing on the statistical patterns related to this migration to the United Kingdom following the natural disaster, conclusions can be drawn as to how the lives of Montserrat Islanders have changed after losing their homes, the number who settled permanently in the UK, and the effect of these immigrants in the local economy. This can further be evaluated in the context of migration research following natural disasters. III. The Purpose of the Study The purpose of the study is to investigate immigration patterns from the island of Montserrat to the UK as a result of the 1995 volcanic eruption. The focus of this research is to explore spatial migration patterns specifically. The research question asks how mass migration affects the domestic economy in England positively and negatively, through economic production statistics, taxation, use of social resources, etc. The report references the wider research background of environmental