Real Estate Planning and Development

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It is important to seek consultation on the affected departments to have their consent on a development plan in question before giving clearance on the construction commencement. Some of the departments affected by urban planning and development activities include tree authority, sewerage department, hydraulic department, agriculture and environmental department.Individuals, institutions and another group of people own land but in most cases, the project they establish is greatly and solely influenced by their statutory laws as contained in the Housing Grant, Construction, and Regeneration Act of 1996. Most importantly, for lands where the project laid benefit children, a number of aspects are always considered. The statute will ensure that a land where a project is to benefit children should be a healthy environment, safe and secure. The statute will ensure that the administration must provide all the necessary steps to keep children safe before issuance of the permit on use of a particular land.It is a consideration by statutory requirement to analyze risk assessment of the site. Statutory requirement ensures that the providers must take reasonable steps to ensure that everyone who uses the site after its development is safe. The providers must determine risk assessment in relation to specific issues and how it identify aspects of the environment that need regular checking to remove or minimize the risks (Merritt, 2012).As contained in the construction Design and management regulation Act of 2012, the statutory also advocate for the hazard ranking system, which seeks to evaluate the potential relative risks to public health and the environment from constructions sites. The system tries to anticipate future threats or hazardous wastes at uncontrolled waste sites (Kelly, 2003).