Readings The Minds Eye by Oliver Sacks p 303317 or When I Woke Up Tuesday Morning It Was Friday by Martha Stout p 381398 How To Tell a True War Story by Tim OBrien p 268278

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Human beings are creatures with the most developed brains. This makes them be able to discern what is real and what is not real or virtual. However, one of the most noted predicament that is faced by humans is how they can determine what is real. O’Brien’s and Stout’s stories provide support the arguments of how people know what is real.Reality is defined by Slater (535) as state of things as they exist in their natural environment, other than as they might be imagined. In addition, reality comprises of everything that has been and is, if it comprehensible or observable. In order to establish what is real and virtual, you need to have good morals. The absence of good morals makes you to be unable to establish what needs to be done so as to come with a true response. O’Brien (269) asserts that a war story that is considered as true is never morally appealing. It also does not instruct, encourage virtue or suggest model of developing proper human behaviour, as well as restraining men from performing things that they have always done. On the other hand, Stout was able to point out that some of the responses that were given by the therapy patients were not true. Some of these responses were as a result of psychological trauma.The authors try to portray that a person needs to discern what it real in the real life. O‘Brien shows to us that a true war story is actually not a moral story, and you can actually establish whether it is made up of evil or obscenity and evil. He argues that as a result of Rat’s response to the sister’s non-response, The dumb cooze never writes back (O’Brien, 275).You can now tell that this is a true war story. The reader is made to understand the real consequences of war.When Curt and Rat were playing under a tree while tossing a smoke grenade in the sunlight, they were not aware of the real dangers of a smoke grenade. Therefore, when Curt accidentally