Read the observation then apply to the story Cathedral by Carver identify waht the ideal is and then explain

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The mutual interfaces over the situations, between characters, reveal in fine styles, the convictions for which the story stands for. The narrations are poignant, but they do not lose the authenticity and genuineness in this psycho-analytical short story. The narrator is materialistic. he has a charming and understanding wife. He is a lucky individual. his wife understands, the family enjoys good standard of living, and his both eyes are perfect, the real value of which he is unable to appreciate. Apparently he looks a satisfied individual, but his inner world is blind to so many positive aspects of humankind. The hearts of such people are engulfed in darkness, they lack true knowledge, they are jealous, and this particular narrator has the problem of drug addiction as well, which is his support to find solace from the realities (problems) of life. When one judges someone else, that is done on the basis of the personal and practical experiences of the past, as well as readings of the texts on the subject. Often an individual does not realize what blessings have been conferred on him and he is unable to appreciate and live life enjoying their true worth and one has different yardsticks for judging oneself and others. The ideal of the story is that the reach of the two external eyes is limited to the secular world outside. They do not have the probing capacity of the inner world. When an individual is tuned to the divine, he experiences the reality within, understands new dimensions, develops benign relationships and attains the state of true happiness. The three important characters dominate the story. rather it is the story of their silent misunderstandings and eventual understanding. The admirable strength of the characterization by the author, notwithstanding their serious differences regarding to approach to life is that their quarrel is not vocal, but at the intellectual level. The narrator carries grudge against Roberts silently, he does not like him but behaves with him in a restrained manner. Proximity to one’s wife by another man would not be tolerated by any human being, but the narrator is restrained on this count. The compromise is achieved is not in the literal sense of the term. It is the outcome of the inner development of the narrator. he realizes his shortcomings, attains enlightenment and climbs a few steps up on the ladder of spirituality. At that level Robert is waiting for him, and they now match in understanding. In the initial stages, the relationship between the narrator and Roberts is grudging and that grudge is from the side of the narrator. On the contrary, Roberts, the visually challenged (blind) character in the story, is to be coveted as his position is better than the one with the two external eyes. His understanding of the world is accurate and benign as compared to those with two external eyes. The pitied blind man has the practical vision of his inner world. He is better than the sighted people. He has a good equation with the narrator’s wife as compared to the narrator. He keeps distance from drugs, and that seems to be one of the reasons why the narrator’s wife holds him in high esteem. As the story develops, the narrator’s views show maturity, and he begins to understand what the nature of the world of blind person is. This perhaps is the viewpoint of the author according to my understanding of