Read The Attached Partial Abstract Of A Recent Article And Then Respond To The Below Questions

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easing primary productivity.
hat level of biodiversity did researchers measure in this study? What is your evidence? (4 pts)
ZEco System diversity because it describes that the
ecological factors were warmer temperatures, and decrease
a mariners h circulation amp; primary productivity. The many different
marksspecies of fish found could’ve adapted to living in
warner water, temperatures, while the seabirds) are most
rely ones found in warmer areas of the world. The Ecological factors
Part B: What other level of biodiversity could the researchers have measured to characterize marine play a big
biodiversity (choose one)? How might they have measured this level? What could the information gained tell role
them about these marine regions? (12 pts).
of species Diversity was measured by Finding the
famount of varieties of fish, marine mammals amp; seabirds
After the research they will know where to look for
these specific species of fish, mammals birds, may
Is Entirely they a might
Throw why the species, chooses to
survive in warmer areas of the world. This information
could tell them that these species survive inthe or
isharmer marine regions possibly through gene flowszor natural
Part C: Discuss how this research represents an intersection among biodiversity, ecology, and evolution in Selection
the Anthropocene. Be specific in your response. (12 points)
Biodiversity can be known as the differences in organisms
while Ecology is the environmental factors and evolution
Is change over time. fill a tie to Each other. Evolution
is the product of ecology while Ecology influences biodiversity
The Anthropocene (Anthropo – man) ( cence – new) promotes the
idea that evolution happened because of latterrand
amp; Also extinction. Humans create these living conditions, frond
B. Mccarthy Midterm 1
planting, to even polluting oceans.
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