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Discussion 3byRammohan Dosila- Tuesday, May 12, 2020, 11:24 PMUnified Communications (UC)have become a common way of handling a variety of communication elements within an organization. The UC system incorporates the phone system that integrates (“unifies”) a variety of communication processes within an organization (Turban et al., 2019). The UC systems help different organizations to communicate in a variety of ways. The UC system helps an organization communicate in ways such as phone calls, SMS, email, fax, instant messaging, and video conferencing (Ramotsoela et al., 2018). The UC solutionincorporates a variety of communication techniques that allow the business to work together as a uniform system. Therefore, making the business more effective and efficient. The UC primarily enhances communication in the organization, thus improving the overall output of the companies.Online Research of the UC SystemThe study of understanding UC systems is essential for comprehending information systems. In the quest to understand more of the UC systems. The three primary online URLs I found credible include:üüü the three URLs, the most informative URL I would recommend is The URL offers reliable information about the UC system. The URL begins by describing the UC system and how the system impacts the operation of the business. The site also defines the different functions and benefits of the UC system. The organization of the information on the website is exceptional. The URL also provides adequate information that will help any level reader to comprehend the primary benefits and application of the UC systems.Furthermore, the URL has provided adequate information about the UC system. The site has provided numerous aspects of the UC system in a certain way. The data from the URL is written in simple language. Therefore, the information is easy to comprehend. The other element that makes me advocate for the URL is that the site also uses pictures to facilitate easy comprehension of how the system works.ReferencesTurban, E., Outland, J., King, D., Lee, J. K., Liang, T. P., & Turban, D. C. (2017).Electronic commerce 2018: a managerial and social networks perspective. Springer.