Racial Discrimination in Civilized Society

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The concept of racial discrimination is quite old and goes back to the days of slavery when a large number of African people in addition to the native black Americans were forced into slavery and ordered to serve the white people. Discrimination has a very old history and sadly, it is still subtly impacting many societies. According to many authentic research reports done in America, black people are still much less likely to get jobs than the white people in many different states, no matter however impressive their credentials may be. This is a deplorable fact that despite many efforts of countless human rights movements, the unemployment rate still persistently remains higher in black and Hispanic people, which ultimately also leads to a higher probability for criminal activities. More black people tend to fall in the silken snare of crimes and this defiant behavior is hugely related to the unjustifiable treatment they are bound to tolerate.
National Association of Social Workers (NASW, 2010) claims that racial discrimination in American society still remains a notorious natured silent code that strives to maintain social inequities and closes the doors of bright opportunities to racial minorities. Many people from different racial and ethnic backgrounds still have to struggle vigorously for achieving same privileges that the majorities enjoy. Tough circumstances like a deteriorating economy, diminishing natural resources, conservative approach, and prevalent unemployment are some of the major factors that stimulate racial rivalry in the workplaces and social gatherings. Definitely, blacks and other racial minorities would be less preferred as compared to the white people and this condemnable attitude is potently capable of creating pandemonium in a society.