Race and Place Why Race Matters

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The people, who suffer from the injustice of racism, mostly suffer from lack of proper education, insufficient job opportunity leading to poverty and poor health condition. The superior group of people always enjoys social, political, and economic advantage more than the inferior group (Cotter, 2006, p.7) Racism being a global problem and having its impacts on education, economy and health in the United States, it would be worth doing a research on the concerned topic to understand the impacts occurring, thereby trying to analyze and recommend certain positive solutions to the prevailing problems. Context of the Problem Government of America has taken many measures to eradicate the racial inequality among the citizens of America. First attempt from the government was to defend the rights of the Black people. Supreme Court issued a law that the Blacks will have equal but separate principle of schools. Later with time the Blacks were granted the right to vote and this segregation of school according to the race was prohibited. In present days, due to the strict laws formed by the government, citizens of America are enjoying equal opportunities in their job front, education, and health. (Janda, Berry Goldman, 2008, pp.492-496) In United States, racism inequality was mostly seen in the three entities. The three entities were education, health, and economy. Inferior group of people often used to be victimized by their employer. Either the people were not hired for jobs or not given promotion, or were given harsh duties and environment for work or were sacked only on the basis of race. This hampers the economic growth of the inferior group thus forcing them to lead a miserable and poor life (Cotter, 2006 p.9). Education was another sector where inferior group faced lot of injustice. They were denied education especially higher studies due to racial differences. Many schools and colleges refused to admit them. There were also many schools which were divided according to facial color. Blacks and Negros were not allowed to study in the schools where white facial students went. Health is another domain where these people were denied proper care from illness. People of inferior race suffered mostly from kidney and heart diseases. They received less transplants and medical aid in compared to the other superior groups. (Byrd Clayton, 2001, p.7) Statement of the Problem Discrimination among people due to racism is a growing problem among the people of America. People face lot of injustice in the education, health, and economic field. A review of academic sources reveals that the existing problems of racism are due to the flexible government’s policies and judicial laws. Racism is likely to result into violence and agitations among the citizens of U.S. It will also hamper the social and economic growth of the country and destroy the peace and harmony among the people. Main Research Question and Sub- questions The purpose of this research is to determine why race matters. This is done by assessing the impact of racism in the United States. To establish the impact of racism in United States, it is important to seek answers of the following sub- questions. The sub- questions are: 1. What is the impact of rac