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The authors are optimistic about the better scope of semiotics in teaching than the traditionally advocated lectures because the new methodology encourages the students to explore the course work assignments through a number of visual media aids. Moreover, they also believe that semiotic techniques are helpful for the students to comprehend and explain ideas about things related to the past as well as the present times. In this way, semiotics can connect the learning strategies related to both popular and American cultures with more examples from the everyday life of people. Another importance of semiotics in learning the American culture is that it provides for easier understanding of vast database with the help of digitalized processing of information through symbols and pictures.2. In a sense, American mythology deals with the expectations of superhuman attributes to characters in literature and individuals from real life with their messages for social wellbeing along with self-styled gender-specific roles. Semiotics techniques in communication are largely related to mass media and visual arts in America. Movies, television shows and theatrical performances etc benefit directly from semiotics in the process of advertising. Visualizing the characters of stories and sagas require gender specified role definitions. Some of them are attached to the positive emotions while others are attributed to negative feelings of mankind. As a result, semiotics helps in making the cultural modeling of both individual and mythological characters with special qualities through pictures and symbols. There are specific differences between myths and archetypes. An archetype is anything that has been repeated in storytelling from ancient times to the present (367). There are comic sequels like ‘Batman’, movies like ‘Men in Black’ and novels like ‘Harry Potter’ etc to stand phenomenal models of archetypes. They