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Week 8 Assignment Textbook Mini Case 12 LEGO’s TurnaroundDue April 151. What is LEGO’s core competence? Explain.2. Since the book’s LEGO Mini Case was written in 2015, the company has fallen on hard times. Revenue and profit have fallen, and the company has cut its workforce by 8% (See first few articles in Content folder Week 8).After the amazing success of The LEGO Movie ($469mm global gross), LEGO’s film success has withered, first with The LEGO Batman Movie ($311mm global gross), and then with The LEGO Ninjago Movie ($123mm global gross). The LEGO Movie 2 is due out in 2019.2a. How can LEGO use business strategy to save itself? (Price Leadership, Differentiation, Blue Ocean)2b. How can LEGO use corporate strategy to save itself? (Moving along the value chain, mergers/acquisitions/diversification, change of geographic scope)