Questions Related to Public Sector Management

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The evolution of the role of governments in Western society can be traced back to the point in time that a level of industrialization and progress was experienced within the system. In the earliest years of Western governmental structure, the state was mainly responsible for regulating commerce and providing the requisite funding for the military. However, as the complexity of society grew, the state found itself in a situation in which it was increasingly required to engage in a litany of different social services. The evolution that Ian Chaston defines is one that is contingent upon a state that found itself increasingly involved in the lives of its citizens. However, rather than understanding this as a process that was not directed or focused, Chaston points the reader to the understanding that the ability to vote and the democratic process itself was one of the guiding mechanisms through which a degree of socialism came to be represented throughout society. Depending on the nation that is analyzed, the degree of socialism that exists within Western governments varies. however, it is broadly accepted that the state should have a direct level of impact with regards to the degree and extent of social services and representative safety net that exists for the unfortunate poor within the society. Coming to the realization that the entire society was predicated upon the strength of its middle class, the degree and extent to which government involvement could support this middle class and develop into a degree of further profitability was one of the main determinants that policymakers viewed with respect to redefining social integration throughout the years.
According to Bao et al. “Beyond New Public Governance: A Value-Based Global Framework for Performance Management”, and new Public management is a term that can most broadly be understood as denoting a range of government policies that work to increase efficiency or otherwise modernize the public sector.&nbsp. &nbsp.