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QUESTION: Discuss the legal issue as it relates to equal pay for equal work?2. Required: Complete detailed answers addressing each of the issue(s) in the selected cases using proper English and APA Style for citations and references. The issue(s)/question(s) must be repeated in full and followed by the group’s narrative response which must include properly used and APA Style cited sources. The references used for each issue/answer shall follow before proceeding to the next question/issue.3. Required: More than two “External Authoritative Sources” are required in addition to the textbook for maximum points on EACH issue/question. In addition each paragraph and/or each substantive issue addressed in an answer must have at least one “External Authoritative Sources” cited (not including the text book). It is unacceptable to have paragraph(s) or issue(s) with zero sources cited and then have one paragraph or issue to contain all three “external authoritative sources” and the text book.Module III- Equal Pay for Equal Work in Chapter 21, pages 297-2985. Required: A source cannot be referenced unless it was cited in the narrative answer.6. Required: The text book must be cited just like any other source. It is not permissible to write “In the text book…” or in the case study…”7. Required: Any direct quote in the narrative must include the page or paragraph number in the citation.8. Required: It is improper to place a citation/source at the end of a paragraph if material from the source appears before the last sentence in the paragraph.9. Required: It is improper to place a citation in the middle of a sentence. One can lead with the source in the sentence but cannot use a citation within parenthesis except at the end of the sentence.10. “External Authoritative Sources” for purposes of this course shall mean: books, peer reviewed journal articles, education and government sites as well as non-partisan national or international organizations (such as WHO, UNICEF, UNAIDS etc) provided, the foregoing source/material selected has in text citations and references to support statements made therein. Under no circumstances are newspapers including the Wall Street Journal, blogs (regardless of source), editorials, panel discussions and dot com sites to be used. The foregoing are not considered authoritative for this course.11. Additional Guidance: I urge student to review the adobe connect session with FIU Libraries and Writing Center on APA Style formatting and contact them personally if more assistance is needed. 122020-03-2012_11_46-Window.png2020-03-2012_12_10-Window.png2020-03-2012_12_25-Window.png2020-03-2012_12_37-Window.png2020-03-2012_12_50-Window.png2020-03-2012_13_03-.png2020-03-2012_13_16-Window.png2020-03-2012_13_31-.png2020-03-2012_13_45-.png2020-03-2012_13_57-.png2020-03-2012_14_09-.png2020-03-2012_14_23-Window.png2020-03-2012_14_36-.pngPosted: 20 hours agoDue: 21/03/2020Budget: $5Tags: healthhealthAnswers 0Bids 71Discount AnsDiscount AssignMichelle GoodManBethuel BestAmanda SmithBrainy BrianProfRubbsElprofessoriRanchoddas Chanchad PhDRanju Lewisbrilliant answersrunge-kutta acerRosie SeptemberBrooklyn Milan Sasha Spencerhassan0906bennetsandovaDr shamille Clarasarapaul2013Catherine OwensWendy LewisRESPECT WRITERAngelina MayMichelle OwensDexterMasterskim woodsProf.MacQueenEva GreenResearchGuru555madam-professorprof avrilNursing_MissMiss ProfessorJOHN JUNIOR001Casey CeliaperfectoPaula HogProf. ClariseExpert Essay WriterEmily MichaelJenny BoomJessica LuisSaburBRey writernyamaimuleChrisProfphyllis youngSaad FahimExpert AhmedDrNicNgaoRihAN_Mendozatutor-mitchelleansRohanJudithTutorfirstclass tutorMathStat GeniusTiny ChrisSophia MilesGkadies12-A Harris KhansuniyaziaMiss Emily BluntTutor-paulaMiss Lily J.Expert_ChristinegeraldwaitaAmerican Academic Writer 1LuckyWritingsTop Notch AnswerAbdullah AnwarTHE_KNOWLEDGE1Other questions 10essay questionsPerfect Prof ONLYBSA 411 Systems Analysis MethodologiesHeritage Insurance CoBA 411 Word for Legal Secretaries Case Studyhistory power pointHow does China's healthcare system compare against that of the U.S., in terms of cost, services, technology, and health outcomes?international lawstatistics for proff williamslatinNot ratedsecond of 2Please see attachment The 2nd of 2 Group “Reality Check” Assignments = Each group spokesperson shall post the group’s narrative response. Making sure to comply with the requirements set forth …Not rated“Reality Check”please see attachmentMaking sure to comply with the requirements set forth in the syllabus, assignment guidelines and grading rubric. Module I – Paternalism and Breach of …21/03/20205nursing