Question 1calcium Sulfate Is Only Sparingly

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The figure represents an muilibrium mixture of compounds related by the reaction:
2 N0(g) : N2(g) + 02(9) Key: N2 0.
02 O NC. (a) According to the figure, this equilibrium favours reactants ‘ (b) What may be inferred about the numerical value of K?‘ (c) Which one of the following expressions is true of this equilibrium? v i. When enough time has elapsed, all the reactant will be consumed. ii. The greater concentrations of reactant than product is causing the forward reaction to occur faster than the reverse reaction.
iii. The forward and reverse reactions are both continuing to occur, but at an equal rate so the net concentrations do not change.
iv. The forward and reverse reactions have now entirely ceased. v. Since reactant is found in greater concentration than product, the reverse reaction must be occurring faster than the forward reaction. Science