Quality of Service Within Emirates Airline

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It is much more than having a mere flight. It is a bundle of different packages and offerings which will be discussed at a later stage. The cargo activities come under the arm of the Emirates SkyCargo label while the competitive ‘Kangaroo Route’ runs between Europe and Oceania. However, Emirates Airline is based on Dubai International Airport and operates from Dubai solely when it comes to having a single base connecting with the rest of the globe. Emirates Airline was founded in the year 1985 and is an accredited airline company, coming under the fold of IATA, ICAO and Callsign. Its fleet size at the present is 114 which also includes Emirates SkyCargo and can take up to 246 orders. The parent company of Emirates Airline is The Emirates Group. Its CEO and Chairman is Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum while Maurice Flanagan is the Vice-Chairman and Tim Clark is the President of Emirates Airlines.The aim of this dissertation is to find out the extents to which quality of service has improved within Emirates Airline with the passage of time and also what are the initiatives that have been undertaken by the top management hierarchies of Emirates Airline to make the journey on Emirates Airline a safe and enjoyable trip. (Cameron, 2000)The objectives of the paper are to understand what have been the service level improvements and the new incorporations that have been done in Emirates Airlines. Also, the objective is to find out the strengths of Emirates Airlines as per the competitors and how Emirates Airlines competes with the top airlines of the world ever since it was formed in the year 1985.With the passage of time, Emirates Airlines has built a credible name for itself in the related industry and Emirates Airlines is a name to contemplate in a serious fashion when it comes to IATA-approved airlines operating in domestic and international zones.