Qualitative critique

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It presents the whole research from the objectives of the research, through the whole process and presents a conclusion of study at the end. The highlights on the purposes of the study outline what the study is all about, and this is critical in the beginning of any research where the reasons for conducting the research should be presented to the readers before the main body to give the guidelines on what to expect. The outlines on the methods used and the results of the data collected give the reader insight on the whole process and all the techniques applied during the research operation. The conclusions in the abstract highlight the whole process operations, findings and recommendations. The abstract gives an overview of the whole research paper. from the introduction through to conclusion (Fong, Finlayson, &amp. Peacock, 2006).
The researchers, Michelle Ploughman and the clue are from the Eastern Health, faculty of medicine from the Memorial University. They work in coalition with the people who are disabled of St. John’s Newfoundland from the Glasgow Caledonian University in Scotland. From the institutions they work with, it is clear that they are closely affiliated with the medical field. The institutions that these companies work with are well reputed in matters dealing with medicine and hence they can undertake the studies on patients suffering from multiple sclerosis. Also, the study was supported by personnel in the faculty of medicine, Memorial University. Also, the authors had the support of Center of the Applied Health Research in Canada and the healthcare foundation. This further indicates clearly that the researchers were qualified to undertake the study to warrant the support of the reputable departments from the faculty of medicine. This is an article in Physiotherapy journal, Canada, Vol 64, No 1 from page number 6 to 17 (Michelle, Mark, Michelle, Marshall, &amp. Mark, 2012).
The problem in this research has been stated clearly. It is stated