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APA Style:All parts are not related to each other. Please answer individually APA STYLE:Part1 – ¾  page (less than 1 page) no cover or reference page needed the TED Talk with Michelle Thompson and respond to the following after viewing this talk.What is the benefit or benefits of constructivism? How do you believe it can help enhance the educational experience? What was one of the key “takeaways” of Michelle’s experience?Part2:
1 and 1/4 pages: cover and reference page neededIntegrating Educational Technology into TeachingPick one of the learning Theorists (i.e. B.F. Skinner, Robert Gagne’, John Dewey, Albert Bandura, Jean Piaget, Howard Gardner, Jerome Bruner, etc.).Briefly describe their contributions to learning and teaching and then explain why you think it would be beneficial in to you in your career. Be brief, but to the point.Part3: no cover or reference page needed 3/4 page:Introduction: Instructors engaging in action planning desire to implement a strategy that will permit them to achieve success relative to their predefined goals. Strategy has long been a concept that has been explored, developed, and formalized in the field of business. view the video on the topic of strategy and then post your thoughts around how the strategy concepts introduced may be of use in education to instructors engaged in action planning.About the Video:Your strategy needs a strategy strategy expert Martin Reeves shares that there is essentially no universal approach to strategy; but instead that strategist should ask themselves a question similar to the following:What is the approach to winning at strategy for the particular environment that I am faced with? He offers a categorization and explanation of following 5 diverse business environments to which approaches to winning at strategy can be applied:AdaptiveClassicalShapingVisionaryRenewalDirections: Answer each of the following 3-5 sentences each1) View the video ‘Your Strategy Needs a Strategy’ .2) Chooseonly ONEof the 5 diverse business environments listed above to discuss in your post.3)While referencing specific points outlined by the presenter in the video, share your thoughts on if you believe your selected environment is relevant to online educational settings. Why or Why not?4) How might insights shared by the video presenter for the specific business environment you selected be transferable to online educational environments? Be specific in your response.Part4: 2pages 1/4  } cover and reference page neededDIRECTIONS: Write a report on the attached 1 pdf article that includes the following sections.  Use the 7 headings below in your report.  Bold and underline your headings.  The content of your write up should inform a data driven instructional professional regarding limitations, advantages and/or disadvantages associated with using data to inform instruction. BE SURE TO ADDRESS every sub-question in your write up.1) Cite the article using APA format2) Introduction – Give a brief introduction (4-5 sentences) that states the article purpose (in your own words). Why was the article written conducted? What was it about generally?3) Procedures  (2 – 3 paragraphs) – In your own words, describe specifics regarding how the authors gathered information for this article.  What sources did they use?  What assumptions were made? What information limitations should be considered? What types of measurements are presented?4) Findings – (2 – 3 paragraphs)  In your own words discuss the major findings and results from the article. How useful, practical, and significant are the results?  What did the author suggest about the findings?5) Personal comments – (4 -5 sentences) Give your reaction to the article. What did you learn? How might the findings be applied or impact an on-ground instructional environment?  An online instructional environment?6) Useful: What did you find to be most useful to instructors from this article?  Why?7) Least Useful: What did you find to be the least useful to instructors from this article? Why?