Public Relations in Global Cultural Contexts

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One should be completely aware of his/her culture in order to explore and understand diverse cultural aspects. Moreover, individuals should be aware of different cultures so that they are able to accept cultural diversity in relation to their values as well as attitudes. In precise, individuals with appropriate knowledge about various facets of diverse cultures are more likely to develop themselves in a better social manner (Koyama, Plash amp. Davis, 2012). Self-Awareness: Cultural Identity My native place is Saudi Arabia and I moved to Canada with the objective of pursuing my higher studies. After my migration, I observed that there are vast differences in the culture of these two countries. Initially, I faced a lot of trouble in getting accustomed to the diversity of these two cultures. Owing to my adaptive nature, I was, however, able to get habituated. Nevertheless, there are certain differences which tend to raise substantial challenges for me to be accustomed to the foreign culture of Canada. In my childhood, I was not exactly aware of the heritage and richness of my culture. I practically understand the fact that people of different cultures have distinct ideas, perceptions, and values. Now that I know mush more about my native country, I feel proud to be a citizen of Saudi Arabia as this country has given me an identity of my own where I can depict myself as a part of the rich cultural heritage of the country. I am 32 years old and I need to learn a lot from life and acquire maximum knowledge from experiences. Furthermore, I belong to the Islam religion which beliefs in helping people in need. The cultural values and beliefs have assisted me in following the right path to earning my livelihood without harming others.
In Arabian culture, men are more dominating and are offered with every opportunity to grow and develop their future life as compared to women. I am physically fit and healthy which further enables me to execute any activities with efficiency. I grew up in a middle-class family where my father worked hard in order to provide me with all the necessities of life including education so that I can grow my capability to earn my own livelihood. This meant a lot to me and I will always remember the support and role my family in my life. My background, comprising values and heritage of my culture, education as well as family support, altogether has assisted me towards better growth as well as development in life. The aforementioned factors have also aided me to develop my personal life and to build enhanced relationships with people. The love, affection and support of my family have further been responsible for the development of my personality. In this regard, I will aim to provide adequate support and care to my family with the utmost importance. Self-Awareness: Examining Ethnicity Socialization Using SIP I have met with people from various cultures and backgrounds. My family does not have any objection regarding my association with different cultural people. My family has encouraged me to make friends with people from different cultures, enabling me to understand the importance as well as various aspects of diverse culture. They have also insisted me to bring my friends from other culture in my home and treated them with immense respect. This aspect teaches me to be kind even with people from different cultures and backgrounds. Moreover, my family has never obstructed or restricted me to be involved with the cultural ceremony of other people. The behaviours of the people belonging to other cultures have also been very kind, gentle, and helpful to me.