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Thomas Carlyle also known as Tom Ford is a fashion designer and film director from America, majorly popular for his services for Gucci and the creation of fashion label Tom Ford. Born in 1961, Tom Ford is renowned for his creativity in dress designing and versatility in product offering. The brand TOM FORD came into existence in 2004 after the fashion designer and film director decided to part his way with Gucci. The brand offers cosmetic products, menswear, eyewear, fashion accessories and women wear to a customer base spread across the globe. Majority of the customers of Tom Ford are celebrities from international film industries, the world of sports, politics and media (Ford, 2014. Lewis, 2013. Petcu, 2010).In order to understand how media and general public view Tom Ford as a brand, a reputation audit is carried out. This audit will be helpful in understanding the effectiveness of Tom Ford’s marketing strategies to establish the brand as a luxury fashion product manufacturer and supplier. Moreover, the audit will help readers to understand the sentiments of Tom Ford’s target audience about its policies, performance in the industry, its financial strengths and the social responsibility which the brand is fulfilling (Males, 2013).Tom Ford’s target audience perceives the brand as a luxury high-end fashion brand providing fashion accessories, tailored suiting, fragrances, jackets, sunglasses, ties, shoes, skirts, cosmetics, leather goods and eyewear. Majority of the customer base of Tom Ford perceives it as a market leader in fashion and media industry because of its products’ exclusivity and quality.Tom Ford’s products are mainly popular because of innovativeness in product design and the ability of the brand to come up as the introducer of fashion trends. In addition to this ability, Tom Ford is